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Favorite 80s Movie List

Drum roll, please. I will now attempt to list my top thirty favorite 80s movies. This is a very difficult task actually, furthermore encumbered by the fact that this list will undoubtedly change over time (but not by much). You can search IMDB for these and other movies. They are listed in decreasing order (i.e., top-left is least favorite, bottom-right is most favorite):

Short CircuitThe Last StarfighterGhostbustersPolice AcademyWarGames

The RescueThrashin'Dirty DancingThe Money PitBig Trouble in Little China

Ferris Bueller's Day OffBigHoward the DuckOne Crazy SummerUncommon Valor

WillowTop GunFootlooseBack to the FutureRad

Real GeniusRevenge of the NerdsRaiders of the Lost ArkChristmas VacationThe Karate Kid

Back to SchoolLabyrinthRomancing the StoneThe Princess BrideThe Goonies

And an honorable mention to:

Midnight Madness

Here are other really good 80s movies (some are very close to the 80s and very good so I still list them). They are in no particular order:

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